I’ve come to the realization I’m too insecure and unconfident with myself to be in a relationship, and until I can fully find some grounding with how I feel about myself, I think I’m better off alone, but I’m okay with that (:

Funny how through every day life there’s always someone you can talk to, but in the worst times there’s no one you can go to, I hate feeling like I can’t go to any of my friends for anything, I know I’m a pain in the ass but I’m better off not even bothering.

❝ Why do we blame life for everything? Oh yes my friend and I had an argument and aren’t speaking at the moment because life is teaching me a lesson. No. You had an argument because of a disagreement or clashing of multiple ideas. People will honestly do anything to take the blame off themselves.
Me in a state of confusion
Anonymous: Hey I saw you were selling some of your stuff, you might want to look I to poshmark. I've been using it over a year now & I've made 200$ and bought some really cools stuff for super cheap. Plus you don't have to limit who you sell to, shipping is prepaid up to 5 pounds.

Thankyou so much! I just looked and sellers are only available in America but when they extend I will check it out thankyou heaps xxx


Idk why I keep getting sad over people that don’t give a shit about me.